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ERP for Manufacturing

As discrete manufacturing becomes more diverse across the global arena, challenges escalate. There are many issues and hurdles that all companies within the manufacturing industry may face, including:

  • Meeting complex customer demands: How do you effectively manage supplier relationships including the processes and status of outsourced divisions like you do within your own manufacturing shop floor?
  • Lack of visibility into critical data operation data: How can you get real-time data, including project requirements, cycle times, cost fluctuations, and supplier performance, to make cost-effective manufacturing decisions?
  • Rising costs: How can we minimize fuel, raw materials, carbon footprint restrictions, and machinery expenses?
  • Offering value added and unique services: How can you fine tune this competitive differentiator amongst manufacturers?

Acumatica Discrete manufacturing ERP systems help empower the people who run them. Empowered staff tend to be more collaborative and effective. They are better able to support the flexibility required and enable the company to focus on the customer-centricity needed to create a powerful, global business model. Acumatica Manufacturing ERP combined with its other complimentary solutions including Acumatica ERP Project Software, and Customer Relationship Management Software for a complete end to end solution and allows you to run your business more effectively.

Acumatica truly is the best when it comes to manufacturing software. As the best, Acumatica ERP for manufacturing helps your organization improve responsiveness and enhance its ability to share information, allowing you to offer value-added services that customer’s desire.

Every business is unique. Acumatica Cloud ERP System for Discrete Manufacturing allows you to tailor your manufacturing workflows to fit your business needs, no matter how specific. With Acumatica manufacturing ERP software systems, ASC can help improve your bottom line. We understand your industry and we know what is needed to gain the advantage over the competition.

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