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Acumatica for Manufacturers
Award-winning Acumatica ERP software will improve your manufacturing management by:

  • ERP with Automated Processes: Acumatica ERP contains a full, enterprise-class suite of applications—MRP, Accounting, Warehousing, etc. Plus platform support auto alerts, workflow, internal and external messaging—like a 7X24 employee tracking operations. Other features include a document management system, requisition approvals, time clock, customer/vendor portal, and CRM. Finally reporting is world-class with dashboards, triggers, pivot tables and notifications. There is nothing like it.
  • Web-based with unlimited user pricing: Grant temporary workers secure access for just a few hours or days, and allow employees submit timesheets and expenses through it.
  • Manage individually and control centrally: dashboard design and tools for screen customization allow individuals to easily tailor the system to their needs.
  • Works on all major browsers:  Use Windows, Apple, or Linux computers as well as handheld devices to access critical business information. Users, including millennials, love it.

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Online Demo for Manufacturers (cpg / rm )


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