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Acumatica ERP Case Studies & Testimonials

Advance Solutions & Consulting, Co. is committed to helping our clients achieve the competitive advantage over other businesses in their industries. Our team of Acumatica Consultants are pleased to have seen many of our clients experience great ERP benefits and success with Acumatica Cloud ERP System.

You can find some of our successful Acumatica cloud ERP case study samples and customer/partner quotes below:

Acumatica ERP Case Studies are on their way!

Customer and Partner Quotes:

“Acumatica Saas ERP allows me to create profit and loss reports for individual shipping projects without the cost or confusion of a solution like Oracle.”

Frank Thomae, Controller and Treasurer, AgroHall Limited

“We sell fashion jewelry rings that are sized from 5 thru 10. A traditional system like SAP BusinessOne or MAS 200 couldn’t handle something where you had different sizes within one master SKU. Acumatica allowed that.” Jay Cheng, CEO, J. Goodin

“Acumatica’s intuitive interface, advanced features, and high quality support are worth paying for.” Frank Thomae, Controller and Treasurer, AgroHall Limited

“To manage all those processes, I realized we had to move to a different platform. We need to have the right tools to support growth.” Vladimir Serafimov, CEO and President, Aimtec

“Acumatica Saas ERP was attractive as it allowed me to easily integrate with the [custom] solutions that gave me a real strategic advantage and it provided a foundation to deal with the standard ERP transaction processing in a way that could support my global operations.” Vladimir Serafimov, CEO and President, Aimtec

“Having a VPN connection connecting employees outside of the office with the server definitely was a disadvantage, compared to a cloud solution.” Vladimir Serafimov, CEO and President, Aimtec

“With Acumatica’s reporting, we can drill down in so many different ways to see the information we need. We also like that we can upload supporting documentation for each accounting journal entry.” Desaree Romer, Manager of Client and Corporate Accounting, Caystone Solutions Ltd.

“Acumatica Browser based ERP is easier to adapt to our processes.” Kelvin “Dusty” Mahorney, CEO, DDB Unlimited

“Since I’m not limited by the number of users, we can quickly get all users into the core system. I really feel like I’m no longer penalized for growing my business. Ehren Dimitry, President and CEO, AME Corporation

“Since Acumatica is easily customizable, AME Corporation has really been able to take a best practices approach and to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.” Ehren Dimitry, President and CEO, AME Corporation

“I am still getting used to drinking a coffee in Starbucks while looking at our ERP, but that is the flexibility and usability that all companies should have now.” Tim Patton, ICT Director, Hi Spec Doorsets

“Acumatica Browser based ERP has redefined what a user is. We can assign rights-based access to vendors and customers alike, accountants, outside professionals, both internal and external. That increases the overall value and collaboration within the organization.” Ehren Dimitry, President and CEO, AME Corporation

“[With Acumatica] we have ultimate flexibility to make sure our ERP works the way we need it to, not stuck with what used to work.” Charles Hutchinson, Chief Financial Officer, IntraCoastal Environmental

“The old system was a bit like a landline; the new system is like using a smartphone. Both make the same calls, but you can do so much more with a smart- phone.” Tim Patton, ICT Director, Hi Spec Doorsets

“Acumatica Cloud ERP Software makes it really easy for remote employees to access from anywhere. The simplicity of that cannot be overstated.” Charles Hutchinson, Chief Financial Officer, IntraCoastal Environmental

“Acumatica positions us for growth and lets us establish our own workflows to keep up with our needs.” Charles Hutchinson, Chief Financial Officer, IntraCoastal Environmental

“You can change your reports so they fit your company, which was a big thing for us. It wasn’t like we had to change for [Acumatica].” Pat Mobilio, Owner, New England Tile

“Users can get real-time information according to their specific profiles and make decisions for their daily activities with more autonomy and accurate information. Acumatica is changing the way we work.” Sofia Estudillo Implementation Project Manager, EOS Group

“With Acumatica, we saved over $50,000 worth of IT man hours, hardware investments and licensing costs, while extending our accounting system to manage our workflow processes.” Jeffrey Lim, IT Manager, KFC Singapore

”Acumatica is an integrated solution that has helped us improve all the processes within our business and integrate all the pieces of the puzzle from CRM to warehousing to sales inventory and orders. Everything is under one umbrella.” Francisco Pardo, Operations Manager, P’kolino

“A web-based solution allows us to work anywhere, anytime, on any device as long as we have connectivity.” Celine Chan, Finance Manager, KFC Singapore

“Acumatica provided a consolidation solution that reduced the time and cost of producing and distributing reports by 80%” Samuel Hahn, VP Finance, Parallels

“We estimate that once our customizations are all implemented, our team will be capable of processing three times the orders they do today. It’s been a great improvement.” Francisco Pardo, Operations Manager, P’kolino

“Our sales people can now hop on anytime [to Acumatica], and we can control what they see and don’t see using the permissioning capability within Acumatica.” Jay Cheng, CEO, J. Goodin

“Acumatica’s support for multiple currencies is fantastic. We can combine the currencies of all our business units for a complete financial picture as well as look at them all separately.” Eric Guadeloupe, Controller, Payza

“Acumatica’s sales, purchasing, inventory, and financial management software helped our swimming pool supplies distribution business reach profitability in year one.” John Gwaltney, Owner, Pool Source LLC

“Without the Acumatica suite, we would certainly not have gotten ISO-certified… we framed our entire quality management framework around Acumatica, from document management to update processes.” Nathanial Fairweather Managing Director, PMSNZ

“Acumatica provided a low total cost of ownership without sacrificing features to support our future growth plans.” Brad Busino, Vice President, The Simple Stores

“By automating with Acumatica we were able to reassign personnel from routine data management to growth opportunities.” Chris Nelson, CFO, Youngevity

“Acumatica has enabled us to integrate timesheet reporting with payroll, which is extraordinary. With one click, managers have visibility they didn’t have before into how and when employees are working. It has reduced the time it takes to process and approve payrolls by 35 percent.” Eric Guadeloupe, Controller, Payza

“We can have truly different companies within Acumatica and our database, and can customize reports for each company, which is very nice. Dan Egan, Director of Accounting, S&L Hospitality

“[With Everest ERP], it was difficult to get customizations built for us and to get our issues resolved. It was also very expensive. They kept jacking prices up every year.” Chris Haag, Technician, Swissphone US

“With Acumatica, customizations seem to be built just the way we need it. After our customizations, the system is actually very smooth and fast now. It is streamlining a lot better.” Chris Haag, Technician, Swissphone US

“We saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in customization expenses by using Acumatica’s development tools to track the profitability of our drop-shipments.” Brad Busino, Vice President, The Simple Stores

“Acumatica improved the efficiency of our recurring billing and invoicing by automating processes and providing advanced features that were not available with QuickBooks.” Tamara Robson, VP Business and Client Development, Robson Communications

“Despite our enthusiasm for a web-based solution, I had some reservations because of the massive amounts of transactions we had to conduct through the cloud. But the system went live and handled the heavy volume effortlessly, and we are pleased that things have gone so well. Our team is also freed from going to every work station to install client software.” Jeffrey Lim, IT Manager, KFC Singapore

“The fact that external users can have the capability of accessing their accounts with P’kolino is something we really value, as that helps lead to greater customer satisfaction.” Francisco Pardo, Operations Manager, P’kolino

“[With Acumatica] every employee can get access to ERP data, from wherever they are when they’re traveling. Our customers can get access to ERP data. We’ve never had the capability to offer this before we had Acumatica. That is definitely a big plus for us.” Darren Wilson, Senior Project Manager, PracticeMax

“[With Acumatica], real-time visibility into daily business activities and timely business data now empowers every decision – from tactical ones on seasonal promotions to strategic decisions to extend market coverage.” Dr Tran Qui Thanh, President and CEO, Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group

“Acumatica’s SaaS solution provided users with access to real-time data across seven companies in three different locations.” Barbara Page, Controller, Quantum Group

“Acumatica saved us time and money processing over 4,500 orders per day. Since it’s cloud-based, Acumatica can support our double and triple digit growth rates.” Chris Nelson, CFO, Youngevity

Thank you for reading our Acumatica case study samples and customer/partner quotes. If you have any questions about our Acumatica case studies and/or products and services, please contact ASC today!

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