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Successful Cloud ERP Systems Implementation is Determined Long After You Go Live

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Scope Creep? Implementation Services & Methology: BEFORE > DURING > AFTER




  • Realistic informed estimates of time and costs are prepared
  • A detailed definition of scope is agreed upon
  • The alignment of the Acumatica ERP Software Implementation services with the company’s strategic goals is articulated

Creating a Winning Project Team of Acumatica Consultants

  • The right people, in the right number, with a strong leader to guide them can determine success of Implementation Services
  • Conversion of legacy data; C cap
  • They need to be knowledgeable of business processes and empowered to make decisions
  • This project of Acumatica Cloud ERP System implementation is their prime responsibility. Backfill them as needed

Requirements, Definition, and Solution

  • Identification and documentation of process requirements
  • Selection of required software features of ERP Software implementation
  • Definition of process “Work arounds” or software customization needs

DURING: Implementation and Go Live

  • Effective project management, relentless issue management, and a lot of work
  • Software configuration and development of software customizations
  • The deployment of complimentary software products essential for successful Cloud ERP Software Implementation
  • Testing, testing, testing
  • User training
  • Definition of new data structures
  • conversion of legacy data

AFTER: Post Implementation Review

  • Recognize (and reward) the project team of Acumatica consultants
  • Review of project lessons learned
  • Adjustment of newly defined processes and responsibilities necessary to sustain the gains and nurture and grow the relationship with the software vendor

ASC has offices throughout the US. Whether you are looking for Acumatica on the West Coast (San DiegoLos Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Las Vegas) or East Coast (Philadelphia) Advanced Solutions & Consulting Co. can help. If we don’t have a location in your city, we will happily travel to your facility to deploy your new cloud ERP software solutions.

Stop Scope Creep – implementation svs

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