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How Can These Owners Achieve Amazing Increase in Profitability? Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership is on the Rise

Advanced Solutions & Consulting’s Clients Have Achieved This by Deploying Industry-Specific Franchise Accounting ERP Software

Want to reduce franchisee’s staff expenses by 50%?

Find out how fully automated cloud-based accounting back-end systems will change your franchise business. (Franchise Management ERP System) By James Carroll

What strategies are available that will allow Multi-Unit Owners to achieve amazing increase in profitability?

As the number of units goes up, so do cost components. Major components are: Inventory, labor, and overhead.

What is more challenging for owners is to maximize profitability both at the unit and corporate level. (This is like cutting the cake and eating it too.)

Acumatica Cloud Based ERP Solution allows the owners to scale up almost seamlessly.

What is the value proposition the Cloud Based Franchise Management ERP Software provide to the Multi-Unit Franchise Owners?

1. Cost Reduction

  • Automation: Time savings (cut staff by 50%)
  • Avoid bad decisions that cost money due to inaccurate data = manual and double entries
  • Cloud-based ERP (TCO; multi-user pricing. Less IT Investments; Proven partner ASC)

2. Timeliness

  • Process transactions fast (including electronic banking: A/P for suppliers)
  • Month end close in 2 days instead of 2 weeks
  • Alerts: early warning before things go south

3. Business “Growth Ready” Technology

  • Additional Functions to Improve Profitability across other important business functions
  • xRP Platform with built in ease of adding apps like the iPhone
  • “Mobility” “Security” “Agility”

What Happens When You Replace Quickbooks with Acumatica?

Here is an example of a multi-unit franchise owner who replaced their legacy system (QuickBooks) and deployed the Acumatica Cloud ERP Franchise Management System.

Before Acumatica: Franchise Operation Back-Office Accounting with Legacy ERP Architecture



After Acumatica: Fully-Automated Franchise Operation Back-Office Accounting with Cloud ERP

Using Acumatica for your franchise needs (Cloud FranmaticaSM)will allow you to:

  • Automate Accounting to cut staff by 50%
  • Auto-book sales electronically
  • Process invoices in minutes instead of hours
    • Auto-allocate expenses across all restaurants
    • approve changes/expenses electronically
  • Bank electronically
    • Auto-generate sales tax reports, forms, and payments
    • Eliminate stacks of Excel files and their rework
  • Month-end Close at Month end

Franchise Management Software Demo

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