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Acumatica Cloud ERP System Integration with  xRP Platform


3 Significant Drivers You Get with Cloud ERP Software Integration: Performance, Mobility, Security.

Performance: Metrics that matter

Sell –> New Customer Acquisition or Customer retention
Deliver –> Actual vs promised on time delivery
Collect –> A/R or Days sales outstanding


  1. Available Information: Comes to you because you asked for it; 
  2. Access: Anytime, Anywhere. Anybody;
  3. Actionable Information: Alerts based on specific metrics that matter to you.

Security: ERP Software Integration services

  • Data Privacy: Encryption between client browser and server-based data store
  • Security: People on the effective handling of private and sensitive data Data
  • Breach: Rapid response to disable connected devices.

New Features in Acumatica 6.0 Include:

Integrate CRM into Microsoft Outlook

New Features in Acumatica 6.0 Include:

Integrated CRM – Acumatica Add-in for Microsoft Outlook: With this add-in create new leads and contacts inside Microsoft Outlook.

Stunning Dashboards with large selection of visualizations, pivot tables, and Microsoft Power BI: Acumatica ERP 6, makes it easy to add new dashboards, and configure widgets on dashboards, even from mobile devices. Acumatica is the first ERP provider to support embedded Microsoft Power BI components and is now the first to make Microsoft Outlook Add-in commercially available.

New Contract-based Rest API: A new, contract-based representational state transfer (REST) application programming interface (API), which makes it easy to create and test requests directly from a web browser without the custom libraries. or special wrappers required for the SOAP API.

Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform

“Nucleus found the Acumatica cloud application platform offered an attractive business model for growth both from a technical and financial perspective. Key benefits include accelerated time to market, lower developer cost, and flexibility for growth.
— Nucleus Research

Powering Many Business Solutions

AutostarThe tools you need to help keep track of costs, inventory, streamline collections, and daily operations

AzuquaConnect applications, data, and processes across teams.

ERP integration example: descartesIntegrate and automate your order management processes with OzLINK®

Take your payment processing to new heights

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