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Distribution Management Suite

The Distribution Management Software includes a complex system of purchases, orders, fulfillment, inventory tracking, and delivering customer support. Acumatica’s Distribution Management Suite software is integrated with our core Financial Management Suite to measure real-time profitability by warehouse, location, product line, and business unit. Additional CRM software integration ensures that your whole organization-from support to sales-has visibility into your distribution activities.

Features of Acumatica Distribution Management

Acumatica Inventory Tracking
This module accesses available inventory including items in transit, costs and reorder quantities, allowing you to efficiently manage distribution while improving customer satisfaction and maximizing profits. Advanced features such as lots, multiple warehouses, inventory sub-items, negative inventory, expiration dates, and bin location ensure that your needs are met.

Purchase Order Management 
Our Purchasing Management module reduces material purchasing costs by automating the procurement process. Improve the efficiency of everything from vendor quotes, to receiving orders, issuing purchase orders, creating AP vouchers, analyzing results, drop shipments, partial receipts, workflow, and ordering algorithms.

Sales Order Management
Optimize the way you enter and fulfill sales orders with our Sales Order Management module. Split orders among different warehouses, prepare and send replenishment orders, define and allocate inventory, verify credit information, accept and process returns, etc. Integrate your workflow with alerts and notifications that improve the fulfillment process and improve customer satisfaction.

Requisition Management
Multiple products and suppliers? Our Requisition Management module allows you to simplify and organize and complex distribution processes. It optimizes the way you obtain bids, gather requests, create and approve quotes, manage purchases, and fulfill orders for customer or internal consumption.

If you have a small or mid-sized business, Acumatica cloud ERP products can help you identify areas of potential improvement and drive growth. Built on the world’s best mobile and cloud technology and a unique customer focused licensing model, Acumatica ERP solutions deliver a comprehensive suite of fully integrated business management applications such as CRMDistributionFinancials, and Project Accounting – all powered by a robust and flexible platform.

ASC has offices throughout the US. Whether you are looking for Acumatica on the West Coast (San DiegoLos Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Las Vegas) or East Coast (Philadelphia) Advanced Solutions & Consulting Co. can help. If we don’t have a location in your city, we will happily travel to your facility to deploy your new cloud ERP software solutions.

DL: Distribution Management Module Overview

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