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Acumatica Business Management Software for Distribution perfectly positions your company for rapid growth. Acumatica’s ability at steering wholesale distributors towards success rests on its in-depth understanding of the major challenges of the distribution business. Any distribution industry veteran would agree that inventory management and financial data management have always been two key challenges. Historically, distribution companies have struggled with antiquated software to make ends meet. However, these outmoded tools have failed to achieve desired results, stunting growth and negatively affecting company’s bottom line.

To address these challenges, Acumatica delivered a carefully engineered product that enables distributors to optimize inventory and at the same time take complete control of the company financials. Here’s how some companies reported significant growth with Acumatica distribution management software.

Pool Source LLC Optimized Inventory Using Acumatica Distribution Management Software

As a new business specializing in the distribution of pool supplies, taking control of inventory was the foremost priority for the company. Since its inception, Pool Source LLC used a simple point of sale solution to manage orders. However, soon enough the company felt the need for an advanced enterprise resource planning solution to handle more complex inventory-management requirements. Their specific needs revolved around functionalities such as management of flexible pricing, sales and returns, customer accounts tracking, customer sales order and purchase order linking etc.

Acumatica provided solutions to all of Pool Source LLC’s inventory management problems. Most importantly, it delivered a customized solution with special search functionalities, advanced pricing capabilities and sales specific processes. Advanced search feature enabled narrowing down of inventory search tables. This saved the company considerable time in overall inventory management. Using different prices for different customers is a common practice among wholesale distributors, which was also a requirement for Pool Source LLC. Acumatica solution easily accommodated customer-specific pricing needs. Eliminating manual data manipulations, the company further gained in terms of time-efficiency.

Acumatica Wholesale Distribution Management Solution, Integrated Financial Data for Consolidated West Distributing

Financial data management was a significant source of stress for Consolidated West Distributing. The company used QuickBooks for their accounting needs which could not be linked with their sales software. This not only meant double-data entry but also increased possibility of human errors. Ronald Krieger, CFO says, “We would have to take all the information and then redo it again in QuickBooks.” What’s more, the company lost valuable time and operational efficiency in this process. It was very evident that the company needed a flexible ERP system, one which could be integrated with their existing sales software.

Acumatica provided a robust solution that seamlessly integrated with Consolidated West Distributing’s sales software, ATI’s Produce Broker Pro. The end results were automatic allocation of financial data across applications, reduction in manual data entry efforts into half and valuable time saving. The system enables a thorough check and balance and tracking of audit trails. Advanced reporting dashboard provides a quick view of company financials that could be accessed remotely using any smart devise.