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This picture (Fig. 1) is a very good representation of a “day in a life” of Property Managers. The work related activities fall in two categories: “recurring” or “one time”. One time activity could be setting up a new Lease/Rental Agreement. Recurring would be renewing this lease before the expiry date.

Figure 1: Property Management

There are lots of these activities taking place at any given time. So how do you make sure these activities are organized to maximize productivity? One thing is for sure. You do not want to fall behind the important milestones. One late decision can ripple throughout the whole organization and result in a catastrophe.

What is REact?

React is workflow application which automates, a process or processes. These business related processes usually require a series of steps. Does the software you have invested in provide you with “workflow” automation capabilities?
Rick Rich, Chief Administrative Officer, RXR Realty Corp defines the scenario precisely:

“We wanted a better monitoring solution than being dependent on someone’s recollection, a yellow sticky note or even some of the less refined task management programs that are available. REact allows us to collect, manage, monitor and track mission-critical —and other— tasks that are important for managing our business and minimizing risk. It integrates with other IBS products, so it allows us to take advantage of information already captured in the system.”

Good news. Solutions like REact from IBS built on Acumatica platform will save the day.

What value does REact deliver to property managers?

Eliminate Missed Deadlines: No more penalties, extra interest accruals and losses stemming from forgotten deadlines.

Your HR strategy is to hire top notch performers who work smart and hard to minimize expenses on one hand and maximize income on the other. Sounds simple. Not really. Do you have processes in place for your staff to stay on top of important deadlines? Managing your everyday workflow includes missing tasks intentional or unintentional; many of which carry measurable financial risk.

REact critical time/date warning system can help you keep track of time-sensitive items and remind your team to follow through.

Resolve Common Issues: Reduce or eliminate measurable financial risk.

No dearth of issues. It’s at best a balancing act depending on: complexity of task; timeliness of task completion; and amount of resources required to complete the task.

  • Missed expiration dates or commitment dates on:
      • Letters of credit
      • Property tax payments
      • Debt milestones
      • Certificates of insurance for vendors
      • Maintenance agreements
  • Oversights due to employee turnover, busy schedules or absence of tracking automation
  • Incomplete or disregarded tasks due to poor accountability for completion
  • Lack of confirmation that date-sensitive items have been addressed

Set up One-Time or Recurring Tasks: Email reminders
Popular practice by employers is setting up workflows that escalate non-compliance. Emails are generated automatically and sent “up the line” as time passes and actions are delayed. Up the line may include immediate supervisor or supervisor’s boss.

REact with Notifications: Mobile access and communicate with all stakeholders within and outside the organization.

Notification features include:

  • Notifications to partners, vendors, employees
  • Document attachment feature; URL links; Templates for fast notification creation
  • Microsoft SQL and Internet Explorer deployment
  • Crystal Reports or SSRS report mining interface
  • Self-hosted deployment and quick start implementation

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