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Where ERP Equals Your Competitive Advantage

Jon Roskill, CEO of Acumatica, on July 21 2014 posited this: Can a Nonprofit Benefit from ERP Software?

He surmised: “Nonprofit organizations generally have limited resources; however complexity of functional requirements is not diminished, when compared to other industries”. His advice to NPOs: Do not waste time considering less-than-capable ERP vendors. Not surprisingly he recommends looking first at Acumatica’s Non Profit Plus.

Here is a success story how Cesar Chavez Foundation deployed Acumatica & nonprofit + to make a huge difference to its bottom line.

The Cesar Chavez Foundation, CA, has championed for many years services to Latino Groups. This is particularly true for the agricultural belt in Fresno Valley, CA. These services include educational, housing and other services. They do this through a number of entities.

Before upgrading they were running financial applications including Yardi, FundWare, QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets. Top it all they handled payroll for its 300 employees in five states; manually. Lucky for them when FundWare started to reach its end of life, the Foundation decided to look for new ERP. This new ERP at a minimum had the ability to handle multiple entities, automate payroll, provide financial insights, and was affordable for its multiple users.

Cliff Timmerman’s CFO of CCF said “I would highly recommend Acumatica to any non-profit, especially where they have multiple departments and multiple operations”.

3 upper level capabilities of Acumatica are:

What NonProfit Accounting Modules are included with Acumatica’s Cloud Based ERP?

The Acumatica Nonprofit Accounting Suite enables your organization to demonstrate accountability and stewardship, maintain funding sources and engage leadership by analyzing your true financial picture.

Fund Accounting ➙ Demonstrate your accountability and stewardship

Restricted Funds Management ➙ Properly define funds and eliminate commingling of cash

Grant Management ➙ Maintain your funding sources

Encumbrance Accounting ➙ Analyze your true financial picture

Additional Nonprofit Management Features Include:

Budget Verification and Validation ➙ Protect your budget

Board Management ➙ Engage your leadership to raise financial awareness

Volunteer Management ➙ Report and track volunteer contributions to secure additional funding

Enhanced Audit Trail ➙ Know what is happening in your software

More details about Fund Accounting System (FAS)

For NPO’s, the ERP software must focus more on accountability as compared to profitability. This Fund Accounting System allows nonprofits to easily track revenues incorporating restrictions against the expenditures made for those purposes. This solution allows accounting team to bring balance to funds and maintain accounting integrity.

  • Fully integrated across Acumatica ERP, the FAS leverages the strong and flexible GL/Subaccount structure.
  • Once configured FAS automatically creates: Re distribution and Due to/Due from data entries while end users busy themselves completing their daily tasks.
  • Reports available out of the box.

Why Advanced Solutions and Consulting can make a difference for your organization.

You want to improve your success metrics. Good news. Please contact Jim Carroll, President of Advanced Solutions and Consulting (ASC); Solana Beach, CA; jcarroll@solutionsco.com; 310 508 9710.

They have extensive experience in working with Nonprofits across different sub sectors; specializing in delivering Cloud Based ERP Solutions. ASC received MVP award from Acumatica at the Summit 2017. Also you can download this eBook: http://www.nonprofitplus.net/5-things-to-consider-nonprofit-accounting-software. You’ll learn:

  • How to recognize a true nonprofit accounting solution
  • How to ask relevant questions during your search
  • How to get alignment with your team before engaging with potential vendors
  • How to use the new ERP to empower staff to add creative solutions.