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Where ERP Equals Your Competitive Advantage

Multi-unit ownership is fast becoming the trend in the world of franchising. A host of factors determine the success of multi-unit franchising. One key factor is the financial performance of each unit. Technology plays a key role in improving financial performance.

For instance, automation of financial management with the help of latest cloud-based accounting software can result in significant reduction in operational costs. This eventually leads to greater profits and attainment of financial objectives.cloud-computingHow can next generation accounting systems help multi-unit franchise owners?

Next generation accounting software is equipped with powerful features that streamline essential business processes of multi-unit franchisees. Let’s take the example of Acumatica cloud ERP solution. Based on cutting edge technology, Acumatica cloud based ERP solution will provide you with a centralized, automated business system. This system efficiently manages accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory and fixed assets. And what more, all you need is the internet and any browser to access business critical data. Real time dashboards and reports reflecting sales, and purchase data will help you take informed decisions.

All these essentially mean huge cost reduction. Automation can help you cut staff by 50 percent. Another significant outcomes of cloud based solution is enhanced efficiency in business operations. Transactions are processed faster including electronic banking.

Here is an example of a restaurant chain that have successfully deployed next-generation accounting.

KFC Singapore, effectively transitioned from legacy accounting system to web-based Acumatica ERP application. And the benefits were immense.


They were able to automate their entire accounting ecosystem and also centralized workflow processes impacting each team member. The shift to Acumatica ERP resulted in massive return-on-investment (more than $ 50,000 in the first year). Web-based model considerably reduced IT overhead costs by eliminating installation and software upgrade expenses. Furthermore, Acumatica cloud solution provided access to unlimited users at no additional costs. Customized modules were also developed by Acumatica partners to accommodate operational needs of KFC Singapore. All in all it was a win-win situation for this immense restaurant chain.

Partner with ASC as you deploy your next generation accounting system.

ASC has been at the forefront of implementing cloud ERP solutions since the past two decades. Recently, the company has been honored with an award from Acumatica for superior customer satisfaction and value addition (Video 1).

Video 1: Video on Value Proposition; Acumatica & Advanced Solutions and Consulting

A leading certified Acumatica reseller, ASC commands extensive knowledge on the franchising industry. We take time to understand your business needs and suggest appropriate ERP solutions. We are full service providing need analysis, business and technology audits; on-time project management; flowcharting for process engineering and training and support. Our sole motto is your competitive advantage. We promise to be your trusted partner through the before-during-after lifecycle of your ERP solution implementation.

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