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Traditional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) data standards are widely used in retail, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and logistics industries. Electronic Data Interchange is a way for the Acumatica users, especially those using supply chain software, to exchange standard business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, and others with their customers without having to re-key data.

In today’s modern cloud world, EDI represents a completely integrated communication hub for the Acumatica users and all parties with whom they do business. EDI now supports the majority of additional file formats such as XML, CSV and flat files. It can be built on SaaS/cloud-based platforms for superior backend support from ERP solutions such as Acumatica.

The modern EDI solution provider will support API integration together with traditional EDI ports. It creates a comprehensive and unified communication hub to support the needs of the Acumatica users who order and sell products to brick and motor stores and online shopping sites. All this activity is integrated with a 3PL for the storage and shipping of the goods.

EDI Service Provider B2BGateway Is Your Communication Hub
B2BGateway’s Acumatica solution is entirely built and maintained by B2BGateway developers, and the solution is incorporated into the Acumatica users’ dashboard. This stress-free process allows for the reliable and seamless exchange of any business documents. Using any communication method, (FTP, AS2, HTTP, API) users can send purchase orders, invoices, inventory updates, and advanced shipping notices. File types include X12, EDIFACT, CSV, etc.

B2BGateway’s EDI solutions for Acumatica are simple to use and can increase profitability, reduce errors and lower costs. The key features are:

  • Full cloud-based integration to Acumatica.
  • Eliminates the need to re-key data drastically.
  • Can handle all international EDI file standards including X12, EDIFACT, Eancom,
    Tradacoms, PEPPOL, oioUBL, etc.
  • Can handle all communication protocols required VAN, AS2, FTP, sFTP, etc.
  • Meets all trading partner requirements and regulations.
  • GS1 Accredited EDI solution.
  • GS1-128 Label and Packing Slip capabilities.
  • Integrates with eCommerce platforms and 3PLs.

B2BGateway cloud-based, fully integrated EDI solutions are used by clients to connect to trading partners in the following industries: Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Public Sector, and Services. The company’s EDI solutions for Acumatica are simple to use, competitively priced, highly effective and can increase profitability by reducing the costs associated with manual data entry errors.