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Where ERP Equals Your Competitive Advantage

New vocabulary for sure. Digital transformation; Multi Cloud; Mobility & Security and many other words swirling round the new Enterprise Resource Planning landscape. But before we get into the mechanics that drives these solutions; what exactly are the benefits organizations can expect. The answer to this question is provided by IDC; a premier global market intelligence.

This is the basis of optimism when a company is deciding to migrate from their legacy ERP becomes apparent. All the business drivers that matter are impacted by these value add factors.

Improve business agility! What exactly is that? Consider the scenario that your business is experiencing huge ramp up in sales particularly during the peak season. Or you are acquiring another product line that is going to increase sales even more. More sales people to hire; more marketing dollars to expand marketing; more answers to questions your customers are asking. The ability to scale up and accommodate these changes is “business agility”. If you have a technology backbone that was not built on an agile platform yes you are in trouble.

Acumatica has established itself as one of the leaders of this new ERP paradigm.

They have deployed 3 very intelligent strategies. First one everybody is embracing now i.e. Cloud Based ERP Software. Second one has to do with the platform which they call “xRP”. Acumatica understands that different industry segments have very unique requirements. But they also the fact is all businesses have 3 things in common. They “sell” “deliver” ”collect”. xRP platform is the successful answer.

Third strategy is to provide bundled solutions which are called “editions. These editions are being released as customers coalesce with similar requirements in a particular industry and or segment. Currently these are the editions that have been released.

What is so great about the CLOUD ERP ADVANCED EDITION?

This edition is ideally suited for SMB’s who have unique requirements; over and above the standard edition. These requirements are:

  • For companies who have multiple entities that require consolidating operating data for business process monitoring, automation and management.
  • Additionally these companies have multi-lingual and multi-currency support.

Most important the integrated solution works from a single source of truth. Which means everybody sees the same data. That is updated in real time and each user has alerts specific to their functional department.

Successful use case that highlights the advanced edition with multi-unit its capabilities.

IntraCoastal Environmental (ICE) has locations in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. ICE has one division helps its customers contain oil spillages by deploying an optimum mix of strategy, technique, equipment and talent around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Besides ICE there are two other entities. All 3 require an integrated ERP solution.

Given the complex and distinct needs of each entity, ICE decided to invest in a system that would be sufficiently versatile to allow all three companies to grow organically and through acquisitions.

Why ASC is your partner of choice to deliver exceptional solution for Companies with Multiple Units require consolidation.

Please contact Jim Carroll, President Advanced Solutions and Consulting (ASC); jcarroll@solutionsco.com 2017 MVP Award holder for Acumatica. He will be glad to recommend and incremental software deployment path for your company to maximize profitability and improve cash flows.