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Be it personnel or raw materials management, Operations Manager is the one responsible for running the daily show. The Operations Lead adds tremendous value to the company in the following ways:
1. Handles the operation process and insures that it is done in the most efficient and cost effective way.
2. Brings out maximum productivity from your staff.
3. Ensures the standard of quality of the product.
4. Keeps the delivery on schedule to maintain customer satisfaction.
5. Detects potential glitches and defects in the product and correct them.
6. Draws up the optimal operational strategy.
7. Ensures that proper guidelines and regulations are strictly adhered to, to avoid any legal complications.

A good ERP software plays a key role in assisting the Operations Manager in achieving operational efficiency, which spells success for the company. The first step is ensuring that the right ERP software is selected.

Here is how Acumatica’s software solution assists in better operational management

  • Enhanced operational efficiency and management

Acumatica enables automation of manual processes through highly configurable workflows which reduces error count and improves accuracy.

  • Greater insight into operations using advanced analytics

The software uses Microsoft Power BI for data visualizations which spots trends automatically. It also adds every performance report in the dashboard to increase visibility.

  • Higher efficiency in demand planning and delivery

Helps in forecasting and future planning. Enhances customer satisfaction by keeping delivery on schedule.

  • Nurtures innovation and helps your company stay ahead of the curve

Acumatica’s open architecture allows for easy integration and upgradation to ensure that your business process is never outdated.

It’s time for the change to happen and operations to thrive on tested software solutions. Real difference can be made by your leadership with Acumatica’s logistical support. The software platform will reduce uncertainty and enhance efficiency on the operation floor, giving you a better way to lead.

How does selecting the right ERP Software by the Operations Lead move the needle forward to success? Here are some success stories.

  1. Chad Treadwell, Vice President of Operations, FSC Lighting

    Challenge: A very complex supply chain, with vendors spread all across the globe. Chad Treadwell soon realized, “Sage DacEasy was an older system … and it didn’t incorporate MRP and warehouse management and the rest of the manufacturing process. There were no inventory locations, and there wasn’t any accountability. The warehouse manager would bring us a list of things he thought we might be low on, maybe, to order.”

    Solution: Charged with the responsibility of improving operational efficiency, Chad realized that FSC needed a millennium friendly and user friendly system. The answer was cloud-based Acumatica. The company has reported tremendous improvements in company operations, since onboarding Acumatica. As Treadwell emphatically says, ““Having Acumatica, JAMS, and Scanco integrated allows us to manage all our inventory from a single location.” Moreover, invoice generation has been streamlined. Overall, Chad comments, “Acumatica has brought us so much more control over our business.”

    FSC Lighting Success Story

  2. Francisco Pardo, Operations Manager, P’kolini

    Challenge: The Company’s legacy ERP system did not have the capability to track inventory. Also lacked third-party software integration abilities. As Pardo says, “We had multiple software applications keeping track of different things. It was hard to maintain all that from an IT perspective. It was very complex.”

    Solution: The Company decided to migrate to cloud-based Acumatica system that eventually brought in unprecedented operational efficiency, saving the company $ 80,000 a year. Benefits have been immense. First and foremost, automation of sales has generated considerable savings for P’kolini. Second, errors have been reduced by 75 percent. Pardo sums up his experience with Acumatica in a sentence, “Acumatica is an integrated solution that has helped us improve all the processes within our business and integrate all the pieces of the puzzle—from CRM, to warehousing, to sales inventory, and orders. Everything is under one umbrella. The value of that should not be underestimated.”

    P’kolino Success Story

Why ASC is your partner of choice to deliver exceptional ERP solution for Operation’s Manager.

Please contact Jim Carroll, President Advanced Solutions and Consulting (ASC); jcarroll@solutionsco.com 2017 MVP Award holder for Acumatica leading provider of cloud Based ERP solutions. He will be glad to recommend and incremental software deployment path for your company to maximize profitability and improve cash flows.