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What challenges are related to Credit Card Processing (CCP)? Here are the top 5 fault lines.

Credit Card Merchant Services

1.  What about fraud protection?

Credit card fraud is a worldwide problem. It was greater than $8 billion in 2015 in U.S. alone. The good guys re not sitting back. To fight this, data security guidelines have been published by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).
 And now we discover that PCI compliance is not enough — smart thieves find ways to exploit secure payment environments.

2.    What about payment Integration?

Payment processing cannot be treated as one of a kind problem of their operations. As new transactions come in, payment data must be input using available tools and software. But then all of this manual data entry is time-consuming. And by definition then is prone to human error.

3.   What about Omni-Channel Payments?

Your customers are paying from multiple devices depending on their cash situation. Online using computing and handheld devices; face to face with credit cards, check, debit card and cash. Having a POS terminal is a great. But what if you add online sales separate from brick-and-mortar store. And yes what if you attend an off-site event like a conference or trade show?

Does your current payment provider support these scenarios?

4. What about processing fees?

Everyone views processing fees as simply cost of doing business. Like airline fares vendors see this as an opportunity to create complexity to maximize their revenues. Complexity factors are e.g.: type of business, type of card used, methods used to accept payments, and transaction size, etc. Smart owners are ever vigilant and negotiate charges.

5. What about payment support?          

Its nature of business with payment types with multiple moving parts. Issues show up all the time. Is your payment processor available after business hours? Are their support staff skilled to troubleshoot and empowered to resolve in real time


What are robust credit card processing solution strategies?

Companies like American Payment Solutions have a comprehensive solution stack developed after being in business for 11 years. They know how to deliver value for their customers. Values delivered include:

E-Commerce: Your online store is just as important as your brick and mortar.

Retail: From EMV to POS essential for retail business.

Hospitality: APS is only CCP endorsed by CLIA & ILIA.

Payroll: Solves challenges for small business owners.

ERPSave time & money with CCP integrated directly into your existing ERP Software.

More on CCP integration with ERP.

The APSPAYS CCP Integration with Acumatica allows processing of credit card payments using the Acumatica Cloud ERP stock programs. Credit cards can be applied as deposits or payments, with pre or post-authorizations inside the Payments and Applications section. Data flows seamlessly, and all payments are processed directly through Acumatica. The integrated Customer Vault transmits their payment information through a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This connection for data store is contained in Level 1 PCI certified data facilities, ensuring PCI Compliance.

Why ASC is your partner of choice to deliver exceptional ERP solution including Credit Card Processing.

Please contact Jim Carroll, President Advanced Solutions and Consulting (ASC)jcarroll@solutionsco.com 2017 MVP Award holder for Acumatica leading provider of cloud Based ERP solutions. He will be glad to recommend and incremental software deployment path for your company to maximize profitability and improve cash flows.