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Where ERP Equals Your Competitive Advantage

If a starter accounting package is all you need, QuickBooks by Intuit might be the right choice. However, as your company grows, you will soon find yourself looking for alternatives. This is because QuickBooks is simply not robust enough to handle advanced functionalities beyond basic accounting. When your business needs move beyond accounting and financial management to include distribution, manufacturing and inventory control, opting for a complete ERP solution like Acumatica, is certainly a smart decision to make.

What are well established consulting companies like Gartner & Nucleus who compare ERP companies saying?

Seth Lippincott, Analyst at Nucleus in its annual ERP Value Matrix, 2016 placed Acumatica as the leader when compared other Enterprise Resource Planning Solution providers (Fig 1). Note: Nucleus did not include QuickBooks in its ERP value matrix.  More specifically she stated: “Because of year to year increase in functionality in its solution, Acumatica will continue to deliver value and positive return on investment similar to what it demonstrated this year”.

erp-value-matrixFigure 1: Comparison of Different ERP Providers

What kind of companies have migrated from QuickBooks to Acumatica? Why?

Here are three examples of companies that preferred Acumatica over QuickBooks.

1. Bell and Company, Industrial and marine Supply Specialists, was in the lookout for a modern ERP solution that would enable it to compete better with bigger companies. Dan Wilkins, President, Bell and Company realized that the key to success in his business is superior customer service for which he needed an end-to-end ERP solution. QuickBooks could not provide automated communication with customers. Moreover, it did not have advanced reporting features and dashboards. In his words, “With Acumatica, I think we got the full capability of an ERP with the simplicity that allows not only me, but our entire sales force to take advantage of the system.”

Video 1: Success Story of Bell and Company

2. Search for automated payroll functionality, multiple entity handling capabilities, and quick financial insights, led Cesar Chavez Foundation to choose Acumatica ERP solution. And the gain is evident in the comment of Cliff Timmermans, CFO, Cesar Chavez Foundation. He says, “It previously took us four days to do payroll. Now it takes a little more than a day because of our processes, but once we get a little more polished, ideally we can do it in a day or half a day.”

Video 2: Success Story of Cesar Chavez Foundation

3. Seville Farms, a horticulture wholesaler located in Texas, recorded phenomenal growth by migrating to Acumatica from QuickBooks. Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Laura Harris, CFO, Seville Farm emphatically claims, “We saved an enormous amount of time with Acumatica, probably at least one head count. I was able to import 200 orders at a stretch—that would have taken someone 10 days.” QuickBooks, on the other hand was extremely limited in its capabilities.

So what sets Acumatica apart from QuickBooks? Acumatica is a “true cloud based solution”. With access to the internet, you can use any software functionality using any browser. Moreover, it is a complete ERP solution unlike Quickbooks. Most importantly, Acumatica is a perfect partner for any growing company. As you scale up your business operations, it can smoothly handle multiple companies and currencies. This is not a feature available with QuickBooks.

What does the future hold for Acumatica?

Acumatica’s ample on hand cash gives it the ability to fuel growth. This includes strategic investments in R&D. Also simultaneously it is expanding its global reach by increasing value added relationships (VAR) agreements.  Since last round of funding in 2014, bringing the total to $ 30MM; no additional financing is needed. Additional needs are satisfied with cash generated from operations. This picture provides window into the Acumatica platform that is hard to compete with.

Why ASC?

And finally why select Advanced Solutions and Consulting (ASC) as the go to VAR for Acumatica? First ASC is Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Award Winner for 2017. ASC has built its brand on serving customer needs; before, during and after the “go live” milestone. Please contact Jim Carroll at: jcarroll@solutionsco.com; 310 508 9700 and feel the magic.