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Where ERP Equals Your Competitive Advantage

Technology drives the capability for businesses to stay competitive, adapt to change, and stay flexible to meet the ever-changing market. It is not always a simple process to convince management to change the way they do business, but it is a reality that they need accept and consider how cloud ERP systems give them adaptability, flexibility, and mobility to achieve continued success.

Basic transactions such as depositing checks, paying bills, or transferring funds from one bank to another are accomplished with a touch of a button. Manufacturers sell appliances equipped with Wi-Fi so consumers can change the temperature of their oven or refrigerator, or change the washing cycle with their Smart Phone.

Successful companies know their internal operations and systems must be integrated and the cloud makes that possible. A mobile ERP system gives them the flexibility and adaptability to change and provide superior customer service to remain competitive.

Cloud ERP Delivers An Adaptable, Flexible, and Mobile Solution

Mobility is synonymous with the cloud because it offers the ability to access the cloud from anywhere. Integrating all of your cloud-based programs though will present barriers depending on a company’s existing IT infrastructure.

A multi-cloud system brings together multiple software and applications to work together. It allows one to access software and apps based in various clouds that communicate with each other easily and do not depend on where you are or what device you are using. This is what an Acumatica ERP platform can do for you.

Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform Delivers Value

Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform empowers organizations to customize and improve the Acumatica ERP solution for businesses worldwide. We accomplish this through establishing strategic OEM partnerships, which gives us the adaptability to change with industry and technology standards. This is how Acumatica provides value.

One of our OEM partnerships is with Integrated Business Systems. Their move to Acumatica’s Cloud xRP platform allowed them to build their unique property management solution in a timely and successful manner. This type of adaptability demonstrates how business sustains growth and profitability.

Acumatica’s flexible connection and open design give companies the freedom to build unified systems from any number of previously separated locations. A property rental customer had an intricate, homegrown reservation system. It uses Web APIs that connect to and could deploy Acumatica’s Advanced Financial features, which saved them the time and resources required to develop their own software.

Acumatica serves as the bridge to fill the gaps between existing disconnected systems. Our adaptable platform improves connections and combines functionality together, so businesses can restructure their processes that open up new business opportunities.