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Where ERP Equals Your Competitive Advantage

Excellent; Magento an outstanding winner. Now achieve more amazing results.

It’s no brainer. Magento combined with Acumatica is a proven leader and guaranteed will increase your profits.

And your strategy is. Start with seamless integration of your Magento system with back end ERP solution. You are on your way to more amazing results. Simply put, let all your team members have access to actionable information; and together this will make a huge difference. One nugget of information is better management of inventory by matching supply with demand in real time. (Murphy is a reality)

Invest in a platform that helps you gain competitive advantage.

Acumatica xRP platform is built from ground up, and is Microsoft.Net friendly. This platform provides companies with “agility,” “security” and “mobility” as key drivers. Agility means adding new functionality; added easily like mobile apps. Security is enabled by deploying in the Cloud. Sophisticated algorithms keep your information “hacker proof.” Mobility means providing access to team with information in real-time.

Check this one minute video, a true demonstration of why Magento combined with Acumatica Cloud ERP is a winner.

We at Advanced Solutions & Consulting (ASC) have a goal to be your go to trusted advisor. Whether you are looking for Magento/Acumatica on the West Coast ( San Diego Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, and Las Vegas) or East Coast (Philadelphia) ASC can help. If we don’t have a location in your city, we will happily travel to your facility to deploy your new cloud ERP software solutions.

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