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How is that possible?

Here what AME Corporation was dealing with! Operations are spread across China and USA, with huge number of SKU’s. Managing inventory was not the only challenge. They were also storing essential documents in a content sharing platform from Box.com. After an extensive search they selected Acumatica, provider of the cutting edge Cloud Based ERP Software.

Why Acumatica?

Two important reasons. First, Acumatica allowed them to deploy strategies for sophisticated inventory control. We have heard this before. Costs start to pile up especially when you are juggling to keep adequate inventory on hand to meet demand. On the other hand management is insisting you reduce inventory to save money. Second Acumatica’s xRP platform allowed integration with Box.com at a cost that was unbelievable.


“With Acumatica 4.0, we feel completely empowered and confident that Acumatica will takes us anywhere we choose to go with our business… One of the features in Acumatica 4.0 that I was thrilled with is the new user interface. With the new UI in Acumatica 4.0, user assimilation becomes second nature. It clear, crisp, and extremely intuitive.” – Ehren Dimitry, President & CEO, AME Corporation

About Advanced Solutions and Consulting.

We are Acumatica Value Added Reseller and have more than 300 satisfied customers. We have many companies that are achieving similar results like AME Corporation.

To learn more about this and other benefits of a Multicloud world, don’t forget to register for the Acumatica Summit 2017, held in San Diego, CA, from Jan. 29th through Feb. 3rd. Contact Jim Carroll at http://www.clouderpsoftware.com/why-us/