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Where ERP Equals Your Competitive Advantage

In the franchising industry, multi-unit operations has emerged as the latest business model. But what defines the success of this business model? According to industry analysts, setting up the right infrastructure determines successful functioning of a multi-unit franchisee. Let’s take a look at the main components of the infrastructure:

What are the components of Infrastructure?

In the context of a multi-unit franchising business, infrastructure would include three key things: equipment/building, people and automation.

Equipment/Building: As a multi-unit franchisee owner, it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary equipment in place. The building in which you set up your unit is an integral element too. It should have the necessary facilities that enable you to sell and deliver efficiently.

People: The next crucial component is people. Many multi-unit franchise operators have acknowledged that efficient management of multiple units is driven by people. In other words, as you increase the number of units, invest in the time to hire the right talent. Also, be prepared to delegate power and work towards nurturing good managers. Allowing autonomy will help develop leadership and keep your employees motivated to perform better.

Technology: Last but not the least is automation-enabling technology. Multi-unit franchise operators have realized that automation is the tool that adds the winning streak to infrastructure, and that a Cloud ERP solution is the efficient, cost-effective solution to replacing legacy accounting systems.

Why Automation?

Automation provides real time data across multiple units, enabling continuous business analysis. Imagine the efficiency you can achieve with real-time data from all units at your fingertips without having to call a manager. Cloud ERP solutions typically function on automated platforms that easily interface with other business systems such as vendors and banks. Once the data is input, it automates across the general ledger and associated sub-accounts. This reduces manual entry errors, while cutting IT overhead significantly. The USP of cloud ERP solutions is that it can run on any device including your smartphone. Access to data is not limited to office anymore!

Partner with ASC to make the most of the wonders of automation.

ASC has been at the forefront of implementing cloud ERP solutions since the past two decades. Recently, the company has been honored with an award from Acumatica for superior customer satisfaction and value addition (Fig 1).

Figure 1: Video on Value Proposition, Acumatica & Advanced Solutions and Consulting

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