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Where ERP Equals Your Competitive Advantage

Many businesses face the decision to change or not to regarding Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software. Why this choice? Many reasons; sales going through the roof; missing delivery promises and A/R headed north. And existing software solutions like QuickBooks do not have the bandwidth.

Now you have an amazing opportunity!

It starts with Mobility.

You probably are already experiencing this. Here is the trifecta. Now you can get right information; to the right people at the right time. And that is not all. You get all this at the mobile device of your choice; faster, better and cheaper.

Jon Roskill, CEO of Acumatica explains: “Why Businesses Who Embrace the Multi-Cloud World are Setup for Success” Nov 08, 2016

Multicloud!!?? And what is that?


We know every business essentially has three functions: {Sell} {Deliver} & {Collect}. Next generation ERP vendors like Acumatica, provide Cloud Based ERP Software Solutions. However they know there is no one off the shelf software that will answer all/any questions. Good news. Plenty of ISV’s are providing elegant add on solutions. (E.g. Multi-Currency and/ or multiple languages). Many of these applications are also Cloud Based.

Information flows seamlessly between applications. And yes this is IT infrastructure: Multicloud and Mobility working together to allow unparalleled increase in your profits, bottom line and more.

To learn more about this and other benefits of a Multicloud world, don’t forget to register for the Acumatica Summit 2017, held in San Diego, CA, from Jan. 29th through Feb. 3rd. Contact Jim Carroll at http://www.clouderpsoftware.com/why-us/