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Where ERP Equals Your Competitive Advantage

The success of any business depends on the competence of the technology it is based on. Acumatica solution Rental360 provides the technological platform that your rental business needs to run with enhanced efficiency reducing costs significantly.

This cloud based rental software is the big game changer for rental businesses. Forget manual entries in multiple accounts, losing transaction data because of manual error or missing out on customer invoices, rental360 takes care of everything.

Here is how your rental company can reduce cost with Acumatica powered Rental360

  • Rental tracking software accurately tracks, manages and monitors equipment availability across multiple locations, ensuring that you cater to maximum customers with your known inventory.
  • The cost and operation tool always keeps an updated financial record so that you are well aware of the health of your company.
  • Controls billing options and invoices to eliminate revenue loss.
  • All in one software requires single point data entry which is automatically allotted to different account heads, thus reducing errors drastically and increasing efficiency with real time data.
  • Cloud based rental software makes sure you don’t have to go to your office to update transactions and enter data. You can access your business database from anywhere, anytime.
  • Accurate and constant inventory management makes your business ready for any short term changes in market demand.
  • Rental360 gives you a rental software base that is adaptable to future installations and expansions in the business at the most minimal marginal cost.
  • Automation in delivery and pick up will eliminate any glitches and make sure the rentals remain on schedule.
  • Refines your customer service as well as equipment management with equipment rental tracking software that streamlines and keeps track on the check-out/ check-in, exchange and delivery operations.
  • Rental management software helps you access, manage and organize data on any transaction, making everyday business easier.

Partner with ASC to explore Acumatica Rental Equipment Solution Suite

ASC has been at the forefront of implementing cloud ERP solutions since the past two decades. Recently, the company has been honored with an award from Acumatica for superior customer satisfaction and value addition (Video 1).

Video 1: Video on Value Proposition; Acumatica & Advanced Solutions and Consulting

A leading certified Acumatica reseller, ASC commands extensive knowledge on your industry. We take time to understand your business needs and suggest appropriate ERP solutions. Our experienced and expert cloud ERP team has successfully deployed 100’s of ERP software including the equipment rental market. We help you attain your ERP goals while controlling costs. Acumatica xRP platform makes app integration very easy that renders ‘mobility’, ‘security’ and ‘agility’ to your franchise business. We are full service providing need analysis, business and technology audits; on-time project management; flowcharting for process engineering and training and support. Our sole motto is your competitive advantage. We promise to be your trusted partner through the before-during-after lifecycle of your ERP solution implementation.

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