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Business sales tax estimation is one of the most tedious, cumbersome and obligatory task that your company has to perform on a regular basis. It costs valuable time and requires you to hire additional personnel, incurring huge expenses. This entire process still leaves room for errors in calculations which lengthens the process even further.

Transactional tax automation is the answer to all your sales tax troubles. Acumatica powered AvaTax by Avalara is just the right solution that gives your company prompt sales tax decisions based on accurate geographic location. Enjoy the best in sales tax automation while saving money, time and effort.


Feature-Rich AvaTax Takes out Complexity from Your Sales Tax Estimation

AvaTax solution provides accurate sales tax estimation for more than 11,000 taxing jurisdiction. It provides all rates and taxation rules determined by every State including every local taxing authority. The software eliminates manual application of taxability rules and jurisdiction boundaries by automating the process. The outcome is guaranteed accuracy in tax rate and amount calculation, every single time. At the end of each transaction the estimated sales tax to be collected gets automatically applied. This entire tax calculation process happens in real-time.

This unique solution can be integrated with more than 500 ERP, financial and billing systems. It also facilitates integration with Point of Sale systems and eCommerce shopping carts. Built in the cloud, AvaTax is perfectly positioned to accommodate future growth of you company. Scalability of the product is a great growth booster for any company. This specialized software can be tailored according to the specifications required by each business, ensuring that the business gets what it needs and grows to its full potential.

AvaTax helps companies to smoothly navigate through complex tax compliance scenario. It protects you against obsolete tax laws and audits by providing audit defense. So, you have one less thing to worry about! Exemption Certification management and sales tax return filings are two other features of this dynamic solution.


Fastest Way to Manage Business Sales Tax, AvaTax Helps you Save Time

When sales tax automation eliminates the entire process of manual tax calculation for each of your transaction, it frees up your valuable time. You can productively spend this time on your core business activities. Sales tax compliance process is not only confusing but equally time consuming. AvaTax, by automatically applying relevant tax rules and jurisdictions, saves the effort and time needed to perform this task manually. That is a lot of time saving for your business!

Why ASC?

And finally why select Advanced Solutions and Consulting (ASC) as the go to VAR for Acumatica? First, ASC is Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Award Winner for 2017. We have built our brand on serving customer needs; before, during and after the “go live” milestone. With more than two decades of experience under our belt, you can trust us with the future of your company!

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