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Strategic move to new Integrated Retail Management System (IRMS)? Here Are 5 Big Challenges to Prepare For.


Your business is growing, particularly the online segment. But your existing solution is causing headaches. You have multiple systems (Sales, Operations and Financial) for starters do not pass data automatically. This is scary.

Marilyn Monroe Spas: Multi-service business switches to Acumatica from QuickBooks.


IRMS. What does that mean? You hire a trusted adviser like Advanced Solutions and Consulting, a premier VAR of Cloud based Acumatica.

Here are 5 things your adviser is to win with new IRMS:

  1. Transferring Data:
    Figure out what you need to transfer, the best format for doing it, and how long it’s going to take. Doing so will make the data migration process a lot easier

  2. Modifying workflows and processes:
    Your team leader interviews different departments. Ask meaningful questions like: “Where does the order go from the warehouse?”
  3. Integrate (yes or no or partial) with existing systems:
    Select Mobile ready, Acumatica ERP, with built in API’s to integrate with 3rd party software.
  4. Communicating the change to your staff:
    Get buy in from department managers.
  5. Implementing the new system:
    First is deciding how you’re going to do it. If you have many stores, will you go live all at once or will you do it one store at a time? Will you be running multiple systems simultaneously?

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