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Where ERP Equals Your Competitive Advantage

Ever since smart phones became ubiquitous, opportunities that software technology solutions provide are increasing exponentially. The core business drivers of “sell” “deliver” “collect” have not changed. What has changed is multi cloud architecture that is providing:

  • Access “mobility
  • Applications “agility”
  • Hacker proof “security”

Real Estate property managers understand the value proposition of technology when it is deployed strategically. Rising industry stars do not want to miss out.

“Why Property Managers Who Embrace the Multi-Cloud World are Setup for Success” said Jon Roskill November 8, 2016. He goes on to add these statistics for organizations that have moved to cloud:

They save on average more than 20% in IT spending as a percentage of revenue

They deliver 2.1x times the relative ROI of on-premise ones.

Why is it important to get on the multicloud bandwagon? Answer is: Silos versus Cloud Interoperability

In the generally, previous on-premises world, a property manager would buy a variety of applications. Ouch and why. Try to get these applications to “talk” to each other becomes a nightmare. The “cloud” architects understood and signed up on a set of open standards. These standards not only dictate how individual applications work, but they also dictate how one application talks to another application. This is now called “cloud interoperability” and removed the “siloed” problematic architecture. For the techie standards meant:

  • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
  • SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture)
  • REST (Representational State Transfer), as in a “RESTful interface.

Why Acumatica is one of the leaders? Reason: Acumatica 6 version is fully supportive of a RESTful interface

Besides native interoperability, the Multicloud World Enables Mobility.

So, how do you take advantage of the natural link between a multicloud world and convenience smart devices to make your business truly mobile? First, all this happened when browsers became ubiquitous. With secure HTTPS protocols companies began building applications to work within a browser; instead of being rooted to the computer’s own software. This is when the cloud really took off. Mobility can be defined as work done from any location using many physical devices.

The key is to be able to access software and apps based in various clouds that communicate with each other easily. And this is agnostic to the device being used.

A great example of this is Acumatica’s Outlook Integration with CRM. With this Add-In, you can seamlessly input information between your email and CRM system in ways never before possible with an ERP solution. And all of this is available via your phone, tablet, or laptop. Watch this video for more information on our newly launched Outlook Add-In.

Why Property Managers can rely on “Imperium” from IBS?

IBS President Michael Mullin noted: “Imperium extends the power of Acumatica’s cloud ERP product with an industry-specific, fully integrated lease management/accounting system.” Imperium is built to be the single source of truth. It provides one source for capturing and processing real estate enterprise data. Then this ERP data interfaces with third-party software applications making up real estate technology stack. These applications may include: CRM and lease workflow, building management, budgeting and valuation, tenant screening, residential portal, and utility billing applications.

Why ASC? And finally why select Advanced Solutions and Consulting (ASC) as the go to VAR for Acumatica? First ASC is Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Award Winner for 2017. ASC has built its brand on serving customer needs; before, during and after the “go live” milestone. Please contact Jim Carroll at: jcarroll@solutionsco.com; 310 508 9700 and feel the magic.