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Where ERP Equals Your Competitive Advantage

You have worked hard to build a successful business and for sure you cannot fall behind?
 Your business (value chain) is faced with a changing environment: Customers are changing; Suppliers are changing; and Software Solutions are changing. And you are stuck with your existing legacy solution. Whether your sales are growing, or flat or declining you have a problem. This is complex and what do you do?

In comes Value Added Reseller (VAR):

Your goal is to invest in an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution that solves the problem. Unfortunately there are multiple solutions available which presents addition complexity. In come Value Added Resellers (VAR). The successful ones get it and have proven track record. How do you select your go to VAR?

Advanced Solutions and Consulting recommends the following selection criteria:

  1. Is a trusted advisor and has acumen to understand your internal and external business drivers.
  2. Has knowledge of available ERP software options and has delivered solutions in time and within budget.
  3. And remains connected to deliver additional services given the inherent changing environment.

Three considerations that are hallmarks of successful VAR’s.

  1. Implementation Services: Before, during and after deployment and minimize scope creep.
  2. Integration Services: Select Software that provides “agility”; “mobility” and “security”.
  3. Development Services: Out of box solutions is a myth and does not exist.

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