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What was the challenge?

Northline Express sells fireplaces and heating devices over the Internet. They operate three e-commerce sites (NorthlineExpress.com, WoodEze.com and MosquitoControlTrap.com) along with marketplaces on Amazon, eBay and Rakuten. Existing software solution was incapable of keeping with growth.

Try managing 50 to 100,000 SKUs, 600 bundles with configurable items, and then manage inventory replenishment in a fast changing environment? Go figure.

What was the solution?

For starters they wanted a package that integrated with the Magento. Lucky for us we have a Cloud ERP solution from Acumatica. Result information flowed seamlessly in real time from “Sell/ eCommerce,” “Deliver/Distribution,” and “Collect/Financials.” Their productivity took a 180 degree change. Instead of falling behind, as previously, the team was ahead and had time for creative ideas.

What did you accomplish?

The result was a trifecta: Increased sales, increased profitability, and increase cash flow from operations.

Their Supply Chain now works like a breeze. For starters we “Bring new products online as they come out, quickly and efficiently, moving at speed of light on the web.” Next they are able to push data back and forth with our suppliers and have visibility of available inventory. This means they can track and deliver as promised, which increases customer satisfaction and you guessed more sales. And they have invested in a platform that allows them to grow gracefully: new 3rd party applications are deployed rapidly.