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Intacct is not an ERP solution for starters. Its claim to fame is its robust accounting solution developed by and for CPAs.  Acumatica is true  Cloud Based ERP integrating all business value chain drivers: “sell”; “deliver” and “collect”.  A comparison based on relative price performance shows Acumatica as a clear winner. Take pricing. Intacct is priced per concurrent user; and also is impacted by access by users for specific functionalities. You increase number of users of software, and the price goes up linearly. That is not the case with Acumatica. Their pricing is based on “size of server” and therefore good for “unlimited users”.

<2h>What are well established consulting companies like Gartner & Nucleus who compare ERP companies saying?

Seth Lippincott, Analyst at Nucleus in its annual ERP Value Matrix 2016, placed Acumatica as the leader when compared other Enterprise Resource Planning Solution provider’s including Intacct (Figure 1). More specifically she stated: “Because of year to year increase in functionality in its solution, Acumatica will continue to deliver value and positive return on investment similar to what it demonstrated this year”.

erp-value-matrixFigure: Comparison of Aumatica with Competitors

What kind of companies have migrated from Intacct to Acumatica? Why?

Here are examples of companies that preferred Acumatica over Intacct. 

Pool Source, Nashville TN has this to say: “Both Acumatica and Intacct offered SaaS solutions, but only Acumatica offered a growth-friendly pricing structure with unlimited users as well as local support for understanding requirements, implementation, and support.”

Samuel Hahn, VP Finance; Parallels stated they preferred Acumatica over Intacct. Acumatica’s ERP solution allowed them to consolidate results across multiple entities. They produced financial reports across several systems, multiple currencies; and office locations. Combined these advantages with a web based solution and a native xRP platform. This allowed Parallels to integrate with existing legacy applications and add more capabilities down the road.

Jerry Wallace, Director of Operations; Great Commission Publications shared “We looked at many of the ERP providers including Intacct, NetSuite, Microsoft, and other major SMB solution providers.” They are very happy with Acumatica’s robust platform helping GPC get meaningful data. This data is needed to make important decisions in near real time. They are also excited about the future since at this point they are only using ~ 35% of Acumatica’s capabilities (Video 1).

great-commission-publication-success-storyVideo 1: Great Commission Publications Success Story

h2>What does the future hold for Acumatica?

Acumatica’s ample on hand cash gives them the ability to fuel growth. This includes strategic investments in R&D and simultaneously expanding its global reach in sales with increasing partner value added relationships (VAR).   Since last round of funding in 2014, bringing the total to $30MM. Additional needs are satisfied with cash is generated from operations combined with partnership deals with German software vendor Lexware and an updated agreement with Visma in Northern Europe.


In a recent News release on Jun 22, 17 Acumatica announced 200% increase in new VAR partners compared to 2016. This a proof positive that Acumatica is now poised to becoming the market share leader. Also in this announcement the ecosystem of OEMsVARs, and ISVs to well over 350 unique companies in North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. These new VARs include companies like including Blytheco, CAL Business Solutions, Algorithm, Answer Company, DWD, and WAC Solution Partners Southeast, to name few. Many of these companies regularly appear on Top 100 List of VAR’s for the ERP industry.  

Its competitors include well entrenched companies including; Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle’s NetSuite, Sage, SAP, QuickBooks and Intacct. Acumatica goes into this land grab with all the bases covered. Excellent sales channel; excellent R&D, deep operations team and ample cash to fuel this race to the finish line. 

Why ASC? 

And, finally why select Advanced Solutions and Consulting (ASC) as the go to VAR for Acumatica? First ASC is Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Award Winner for 2017. ASC has built its brand on serving customer needs; before, during and after the “go live” milestone. Please contact Jim Carroll at: jcarroll@solutionsco.com; 310 508 9700 and feel the magic.