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Where ERP Equals Your Competitive Advantage

Wholesale distribution is a complex business that rests on a delicate balance between optimal inventory management and financial management among other things. Modern distribution companies rely on technology to achieve this balance, which most often takes the form of state-of-art cloud enterprise resource planning software .There are several reasons that make ERP software an absolute must have for any distribution companies, irrespective of their size. Most importantly, a millennial friendly, cloud-based ERP solution puts you at the forefront of technology. It empowers you to nudge out competition by significantly improving management proficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Here are Few Other Reasons that Make ERP Investment Worthwhile for Any Distributor.

Gain Control over Inventory: Good inventory management begins with good inventory planning. Outdated tools fail to account for fluctuations in demand and hence produce erroneous forecasts. Modern ERP software are equipped with powerful inventory planning tools that provide accurate stock forecasting. You can manage several warehouses, bin locations, expiration dates and lots easily and efficiently. You also gain improved visibility of your inventory with mobile access to real time data.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction: Better inventory management leads to satisfied customers. When you have complete visibility of available inventory, you can minimize the risk of stock-outs. You can ensure that high demand items are well-stocked. Other advanced functionalities such as better customer account tracking, customer sales order and purchase order linking, faster return order processing all work towards better satisfied customers.

Gain Control Over Company Finances: Wholesale distributors, historically have struggled with reconciliation of sales and accounting data. With integrated cloud ERP, you can consolidate your data. Automation ensures that once data is in the system, it is allocated to the necessary applications. Advanced reporting gives you a comprehensive view of the financial health of your company. So, you know what is working and what is not for your business!

Save Time and Money: Automation is the core attribute of modern ERP. When data flows throughout the system, you eliminate 100 percent of double-data entry. You also save time by reducing order times. Automatic sales order and shipping order processing prevents delays. Modern ERP software also increases profits. Better inventory forecasting ensures you do not have extra inventory that ties up capital.

Improve Supply-Chain Management: With better inventory tracking, you can also improve your purchasing process. This ensures that your warehouse has a consistent supply of materials.

Ensure Flexibility in Your Business: Most often distributors price products differently for different customers. ERP software can accommodate flexible pricing strategies, including discounts on specific items.

Take Impromptu Business Decisions: Cloud ERP software gives you access to real time data anytime and from anywhere. Analyze data per location, warehouse, and product line to determine how profitable your business is, whenever you want. Overcome limitations of on premise software by taking business decisions on the go.