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Where ERP Equals Your Competitive Advantage

Cloud ERP Employee MobilityReluctant to make the jump into the cloud-based ERP? Employees pushing the idea of increased efficiency with mobile apps? Do peers using buzzwords like “mobility” make you feel behind the curve? Change is intimidating, but moving your organization to a mobile, cloud-based ERP system will make a major difference across your enterprise.

Consider your mobile consumers in a couple of ways: Information Managers and Processors.

Information Managers are the senior managers and executives, who have to keep track of the heartbeat of the company. They invest considerable time on mobile handsets, and have to get and handle crucial performance information as it happens, constantly.

Without a cloud-based mobile alternative, these employees are often detached and inefficient, needing to phone the home office or depend on status news from staffers. If they are inefficient, they trigger staffers to be inefficient, since they find themselves dealing with reports rather than concentrating on important activities.

Processors, conversely, are often staff members with specified duties to perform. Efficiency is essential as the more tasks they complete, the fewer extra resources companies require. Mobile can start to play a major role in assisting the process employees to become much more effective.

For example, a sales rep is often on the road. Without a cloud-based solution, they can only generate strategies or confirm deal pricing by contacting the home office. With cloud-based ERP mobility, this very same sales rep is able to sit in a client’s office, confirm product details or inventory availability, and generate sales orders, giving customers less time to change their minds.

Additionally, mobile access within the office allows Processors to get work completed on the run. For example, warehouse fulfillment workers would be able to grab and scan products to process shipments without having to key in info or print out a page.

Technically sophisticated ERP systems like Acumatica provide you with the mobility you require to do business more effectively. Are you prepared to leverage the cloud revolutionize your marketplace?