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Where ERP Equals Your Competitive Advantage

If there ever was an instance where all the features of Multicloud, Mobile friendly Acumatica ERP outshines others; Jan 2017 is it. What is at stake? By integrating multiple platforms eTailer’s can achieve amazing results; in all aspects of their business value chain.

This is the scenario that companies with eCommerce platform like Magento are asking:


Why Acumatica is the right solution at the right time for these companies?

The simple and significant competitive advantage. The integration capabilities of Acumatica simplify eCommerce by providing accessibility to all their applications in a single dashboard. This allows merchants to make hefty promises on the front end. And then deliver merchandise as promised on the back end.

Advanced Solutions & Consulting has partnered with Acumatica and is rapidly increasing its footprint with eCommerce Retailers. How does this work?

Start with Magento (front end) and Acumatica (Back end). Then add a connector e.g. from Kensium and see the magic of how the information flows seamlessly with real time updates. Once you have the ultimate platform; you can then keep adding valuable applications on an ongoing basis. Some of applications include:

  • Ecommerce Connectors
  • Product Configurator
  • PayPal Integrations
  • AcuCharge
  • TaxCloud Integration
  • ADP Payroll Integration


To learn more about these applications please register for the Acumatica Summit 2017, held in San Diego, CA, from Jan. 29th through Feb. 3rd; OR Contact Jim Carroll at jcarroll@solutionsco.com and ask for a complimentary analysis of how Acumatica’s platform can make a big difference.