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In May 2016, the New Jersey Business and Industry Association’s (NJBIA’s) organized Cybersecurity Summit. It was well attended and included: Mike Mullin, President of Business Technology Solutions firm Integrated Business Systems (IBS), Fernando Reiser Manager of Information Security, NJM Insurance; Rashaad Bajwa, President, Domain Computer Services; Krista Mazzeo, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, NJ Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell; and Dave Weinstein, Director of Policy Planning and cybersecurity advisory for the NJ Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness, served as moderator.

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The agenda for the meeting was to educate SMB’s on burgeoning threats and some of the available practical solutions. Mullin suggested that “SMB’s” because of limited IT resources are most vulnerable. He also praised NJBIA for taking the lead in promoting awareness of the extent and type of cybersecurity threats.

Ransomware, building firewalls and the last inch problem, “space between mouse and the employee’s index finger.”

Two most common “monetary” impactful problems are ransomware and CEO fraud. Perpetrators find a way to encrypt software related files and programs, restrict access to them; followed by demanding companies to pay ransom to remove the restriction. With CEO fraud email hackers trick employees into wiring funds by posing as company leaders.

Remedies cost on the average $5 to $10 per user per month. These include implementing firewalls, anti-virus and malware protection software, and content filtering applications. Aggregated across the organizations FBI estimate losses due to ransomware alone totaling $209 million in the first quarter of 2016. This would be considered component of risk management.

What are successful strategies available to combat the risks related to cybersecurity.

It’s a combination of technology and people. The panelists agreed, prevention is possible by combining data-centered and people-centered security measures.

Companies must implement procedures in place and train their employees, about dangers associated from opening files from unknown sources. And furthermore avoid installing apps without pre approval from IT department. These procedures should include both on-boarding of new staff members, ongoing communication and testing the entire team landscape.

On the technology side besides putting in place firewalls; the group also stressed the importance of continuously backing up data and for sure off the main company network. While the hackers continue to find ways to cause damage; companies can keep ahead of the curve implementing ideas suggested at this summit.

Leading edge solution; Imperium from IBS Powered by Acumatica.

Why Imperium?

IBS has deep knowledge of “property management” and have been providing meaningful technology solutions for over 2 decades. Now they have combined this knowledge with Cloud based ERP Software from Acumatica. More specifically what does Imperium provide?

Strongest security requirements with server architecture with thin client (Wyse).
First all data is stored in an encrypted format in the database, and all communication over the network is encrypted. The server used for all business logic and data processing, is located in a secure location of the client’s choice. No data is stored on the client.

SaaS infrastructure security built on battle tested Windows Azure
Imperium Powered by Acumatica offers a SaaS solution on Windows Azure, which operates in the Microsoft Global Foundation Services infrastructure. This infrastructure is ISO27001 certified and includes rigorous data handling procedures. Companies have the option to deploy on-premise or in a data center.

Role- based comprehensive auditing
Controls based on stakeholder “roles” allow individuals access only to relevant information. System administrators receive complete system audit reports and alerts including login information, IP address information, and all system changes made by any individuals.

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